The E scooter is born

Mr. Václav Lamberský is the father of the KMFS electric kick scooter; its mother is the desire to create a product that is unrivalled in the CR in terms of quality of workmanship.

It all started at university

The KMFS kick scooter prototype is essentially Mr. Lamberský graduation thesis when he studied mechanical engineering at TU in Brno. He had always had a positive relationship to technical stuff, but now he was additionally driven by a vision of perfection without compromise.

To combine what apparently does not combine

From the offer of electric kick scooters available on the Czech market, one had to choose a compromise between rigidity, power output and comfort on the one side, against weight and size on the other. A product that would be an ideal combination of power and light weight did not exist on the market. Mr. Lamberský took on that challenge and started work on designing a dual-motor electric kick scooter, which is now available to the public.

Per aspera ad astra

Or, through hardships to the stars – this applied 100% when designing the kick scooter. The path was not an easy one, or a cheap one, and demanded a lot of time and patience. The courage to try new and original solutions, along with the resolve to perfect what was seemingly perfect already, brought forth the KMFS kick scooter.

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