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KMFS ES 700-2 electric kick scooters have a motor in both the front and rear wheels, are made in the Czech Republic and stand out due to their precision workmanship and interesting design.

E scooter KMFS ES 700-2

KMFS ES 700-2 electric kick scooters have a motor in …

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Advantages of KMFS products

Functional design

100% reliability

Guarantee of quality

Czech manufacturer

Customer opinions

I’m a star around here

I’m a star around here

I rode through the town and back along the bike trail, and countless people gaped at what I was riding. In fact it was even a little unpleasant at time, I don’t like being at the centre of attention. A realistic range without any savings is about 20 km, and uphills are no problem. I really can’t think of any negative aspects; this product is really an unprecedented feat on the compact kick scooter market, and I don’t regret a single crown.
Katka Kostelec nad Ohří
KMFS sharpeners are BEST OF

KMFS sharpeners are BEST OF

At first I thought I’d regret paying “so much” money for a quality sharpening kit. In the end, though, I bought the KMFS system anyway, added the 200, 500 and 800 diamond whetstones and I’m totally satisfied. I sharpen everything with them at home, and I think I do rather well for an amateur. I sharpen small knives, as well as large kitchen ones made of RWL34 and Elmax. So my advice is: don’t repeat my mistakes and don’t waste money on imperfect systems – buy KMFS straight away, you won’t regret it. We’re not so rich as to buy cheap things.
Oldřich Hradec Králové
My knives have never been sharper

My knives have never been sharper

So far I’ve sharpened about 5 knives on the KMFS kit. The kit is precisely made, and I must say that the selling price seems very favourable to me after I’ve had a thorough look at the kit. I also bought the recommended diamonds for the kit. The results astonished me. Simply a perfectly sharp knife, sharpened exactly to the set angle. After the first sharpened knife, I learnt to control the kit with my left hand too. The resulting blade is polished and perfectly sharp. So to sum up, this is a super product for a super price (I simply bought something for knife maintenance instead of another knife).
Josef Lanškroun
Your kick scooter makes me absolutely elated

Your kick scooter makes me absolutely elated

I brought it home three days ago. I’ve ridden about 50 kilometres on it. I’m elated, it’s a great thing. Most importantly, the product just oozes quality, solidity and first-class materials. Someone’s been thinking about what they’re doing. There’s no free play anywhere, everything’s even kind of excessive, which is brilliant.
Jirka Lomnice nad Popelkou


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