Warranty and complaints


With its quality warranty, Krinner pledges that the item will be fit for use for the usual purpose or retain its usual qualities for the specified period of time. Stating the warranty period or use-by date for the item on the packaging has the same effect. A warranty can also be provided for an individual component of the item. Krinner provides a warranty individually by specification in the warranty certificate, if enclosed with the delivered item. The warranty period shall start on the handover of the item to the buyer; if the item was sent according to the agreement, it shall start at the moment of the item reaching the destination. If the item purchased is to be commissioned by anyone other than Krinner, the warranty period shall only start on the day of commissioning, if the buyer has ordered commissioning within 3 weeks of acceptance of the item and has provided cooperation necessary for the service on time. The buyer does not have the right to a warranty, if a defect is caused by an external circumstance after the risk of damage to the item has transferred to the buyer.


The buyer has the right to complain about the delivered product if Krinner is liable for defects, liable for quality upon acceptance, or if a warranty is provided for the product. Periods for complaints and conditions for Krinner becoming liable are specified above. The buyer shall complain about the product within the periods specified above to Krinner’s address; each complaint shall provide a detailed description of the defect identified and include a duplicate of the purchase bill or another appropriate proof of warranty on the product. In addition, the buyer’s contact details shall be specified adequately.

Krinner shall issue for the buyer a written confirmation to include the date of the complaint, its subject, and the method of complaint handling requested, via e-mail immediately after accepting the complaint; immediately in the case of a complaint in person. The warranty does not apply to damage caused by (unless the activity is the usual activity and is not prohibited in the manual for use enclosed):

  • mechanical damage to the product, or installation, done by an unauthorised person;
  • usage of the product under conditions that diverge in temperature, dustiness, humidity, chemical or mechanical environmental influences from what is directly specified by the seller or manufacturer;
  • inexpert installation, handling, operation or neglect of care for the product;
  • damage caused by excessive loading or use in contravention of requirements specified in the documentation or general rules;
  • performance of an unqualified intervention or change of parameters;
  • goods modified by the customer (paint coats, bending, etc.) if the defect is a consequence of such modification;
  • damage by natural disaster or force majeure.

Complaint handling

If the buyer is a consumer, the seller shall decide about the complaint immediately; in more complex cases, within 3 business days. This period does not include the time, adequate depending on the type of product or service, necessary for expert assessment of the defect. Krinner shall handle the complaint, including defect elimination, without undue delay, no later than 30 days after the complaint date.

The 30-day period after the complaint may be extended by agreement with the consumer; such an extension must not be for an indefinite period of time or one that is inadequately long. After the (extended) period expiry, it shall be construed that the defect in the item really existed and the consumer shall have the same rights as with a defect that cannot be eliminated.

In the case of other buyers, Krinner shall handle the complaint within a reasonable period of time. Krinner shall issue for the buyer a written confirmation of the complaint date and handling method, including a confirmation of the repair and the complaint handling time, or the reason for rejecting the complaint if that is the case. After the complaint resolution, Krinner shall inform the buyer about the complaint termination, either by telephone, text message or e-mail. If the product had been sent via a transport service, it will be sent automatically to the buyer’s address after the settlement.

After the settlement of an acknowledged complaint by repair or replacement, the warranty on the product shall be extended by the complaint settlement period. The complaint settlement period extends from the day following its filing to the day on which the buyer was informed about the settlement.

The buyer has the right to payment of reasonably expended costs for the filing of a justified complaint. These costs are understood to be the smallest possible costs. In particular, they include postage for sending the complaint. Such costs may not include travel by car to file the complaint, express transport fees, and other similar costs. Payment of costs has to be requested without undue delay, no later than 1 month after the end of the period for exercising rights due to faulty performance.

The buyer shall accept the complained product without undue delay within 30 days of the day on which the buyer was informed about its settlement. In case the complained product is not accepted by the buyer by the last day of the period, Krinner shall charge a storage fee for the item after its expiry in vain, but no less than CZK 50 per day.

If the buyer fails to collect the settled complained product within 6 months of the day on which the buyer was informed about the settlement, Krinner reserves the right to sell the product and use the proceeds for payment of the storage fee.

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