Business terms and conditions

  1. Order

1.1 An order made via the e-shop is the draft purchase agreement; the actual purchase agreement is made upon order confirmation by the seller. The purchase order is considered binding for both parties, unless conditions arranged at the time of confirmation are violated. For goods collected from our distribution point, the purchase agreement is made at the shop.

1.2 The price of the product specified at the moment of purchase order submission is final and will not be increased with any other fees.

  1. Withdraw from purchase agreement

2.1 Cancellation of purchase order by the buyer: The buyer has the right to cancel the purchase order in case the seller fails to meet the agreed delivery terms and conditions.

2.2 Cancellation of purchase order by the seller: The seller reserves the right to cancel a purchase order or part of it only for products that are no longer manufactured or supplied, or for which the product supplier’s price has changed significantly. In such an event, the seller shall immediately contact the buyer in order to make agreement on further steps. In case the buyer has already paid the purchase price or a part of it, said amount shall be transferred back to its account. The seller is always entitled to ask the buyer to authorise the purchase order, for example via e-mail or by telephone. The seller reserves the right to cancel a purchase order in the case of a wrongly specified price.

2.3 Withdrawal from purchase agreement (products sold contact-free, via the Internet)

Pursuant to Paragraph 6 of the amended Civil Code no. 367/2000, the buyer has the right to withdraw from an agreement within 14 days of accepting the goods. If the buyer so decides, they have to send the undamaged goods, without signs of use or wear, in the original packaging, back within the set period (the date sent is critical). After receiving the returned goods, the seller shall return to the customer a corresponding amount in a pre-arranged way within 20 days. In case the goods are returned to the supplier in a condition other than undamaged, the customer shall pay notably the costs of restoring the goods to their original condition and any damage to the goods (incomplete contents, damaged packaging, wear of the goods, etc.). In particular, note the necessity to not damage any of the packaging – carton boxes, plastic bags, etc.

  1. Delivery terms

3.1 Deliveries of the subject matter of the performance (goods ordered) shall be made depending on availability as soon as possible, typically within 5-9 business days of the binding order confirmation. The expected date may be refined upon order confirmation by the seller.

3.2 Delivery completion refers to the delivery of the subject matter of the performance to the specified place. The delivery does not include installation of the subject matter of the performance. Transport to the destination address shall be provided by the seller. Each shipment of goods contains a product user manual and a warranty certificate. If requested, a taxable bill may be sent separately.

3.3 The transport costs are notified to the buyer before order confirmation in the Cash Desk and Shopping Cart sections.

  • Česká pošta – Business Parcel
  • Collection in person

3.4 Goods payment methods:

  • Prepayment invoice
  • Cash on delivery at the post office

3.5 Other delivery methods not specified in the Business Terms and Conditions – individual pricing.

  1. Prices

Prices for buyers-consumers are final, including VAT, with only costs of transport added. Before making the purchase order, the buyer-consumer is allowed to check for what period of time the offer or price is valid. The seller reserves the right to change the price. With order confirmation, the seller shall also confirm the price of the purchase order. If the price is identical or lower, the product(s) shall be delivered at the price valid at the moment. If the price is higher for any reason (database error, employee error on registration), the buyer shall be informed about the change explicitly. The buyer may accept the new higher price or may refuse to have the product(s) delivered. Bargain price quotations are valid until the stock is sold, until the bargain is cancelled by the operator, or until the next price quotation update. Each advertisement with bargain prices shall contain a date by which the bargain ends, and the start date as necessary.

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