KMFS Diamond sharpening system

brusná sada diamant
brusná sada diamant
sada diamant v kufříku
kufřík na sadu diamant
image/svg+xml 1 Stainless steel guide bars for absolutely accurate retention of sharpening angle. 2 Sharpener vice for absolutely accurate knife clamping for knife fastening in desired position. 3 Articulated nuts on the lead screw for accurate setting of desired sharpening angle. 4 Whetstone locking flaps for easy and quick whetstone replacement. 5 Diamond whetstones do not wear down, constantly retaining accurate sharpening geometry. 6
brusná sada diamant
brusná sada diamant
sada diamant v kufříku
kufřík na sadu diamant
Not available

Top-class sharpening system developed and manufactured in the CR. High-quality workmanship, precise angle setting possible.

The pack includes:

  • KMFS diamond sharpening system
  • plastic carrying case with soft PUR lining
  • The kit contains diamond stones 2x 200, 500, 800 grit

Materials used:

  • ENAW 7075 T651 duralumin alloy, hard coloured anodising,
  • stainless steel lead screw, lead bars and bolts, stainless steel angle gauge,
  • bronze lead bushings, lead screw and articulated nut bushings

The KMFS diamond sharpening system includes:

  • knife clamp with mechanism
  • two sharpening segment fasteners (whetstone holders)
  • table fastening clamp
  • blade angle gauge
  • knife fastening key

Main advantages of the KMFS diamond system:

  • It is completely made out of a block of material, using CNC machining centres, for maximum rigidity and precision.
  • Accurate angle setting thanks to 1.5 mm steps on the lead screw.
  • Identical angle setting on both sides due to bound movements of the left and right sides.
  • The movement of the trapezoidal nut on the lead screw reduces the effect of the raised bezel of the knife tip.


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