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History and present

Krinner Multi Fix was established in 1997 and initially dealt primarily with the manufacturing of simple goods for business partners abroad. These were mostly plastic products and simple metal products used for fastening.

Since the company was succeeding among competitors, it could constantly evolve and gain new experience, and thus also enjoy opportunities to invest in better and more complex manufacturing technology.

Thanks to the constantly growing educational and experience level of its team of employees, the company was able in 2010 to start developing and designing machines and equipment for its own needs. That step proved to be correct and beneficial.

Since 2015, the company has additionally dealt with the development and design of products, in which it puts a great emphasis on sophistication, selection of materials, functionality and advanced design. This led to the trademark KMFS being established in 2016, under which Krinner Multi Fix associates these products.

The company’s constant development and market success permanently increased the need for good production facilities. This is why the company’s own production site was completed in Lanškroun in 2017. The whole structure is designed so as to integrate into the surrounding landscape and not disturb it. We respect our surroundings and the countryside, which is why our compound comprises not only manufacturing areas but also an extensive park that we are building step by step.

Our facilities are built exclusively using our own resources, without support from any subsidy channels. Our company’s philosophy does not identify with subsidy regulations and requirements.

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