Sharpening system KMFS RIVAL MOA21

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New type of sharpening kit KMFS RIVAL MOA21


Sharpening kit KMFS Rival MOA21, is brand NEW sharpening kit deweloped in year 2021. All dural parts are made by milling from ERGAL ENAW 7075 T651 coated in hard black elox, semifloating cross in natural elox. Bronze bushing of lead trapezoidal screw and leading bars segments are made from bronze CuSn8, cam of semifloating cross and inner / outer part of leading nuts of fine independent angle adjusting are made from bronze CuSn7Zn4Pb7. Could clamp automaticaly knife blades up to 7 mm thickness.

Packing includes:

  • sharpening kit KMFS RIVAL MOA21
  • 4 pieces diamond stones 240 grit with DLC coating
  • 2 pieces diamond stones 600 grit with DLC coating
  • 2 pieces diamond stones 1000 grit with DLC coating
  • durable waterproof case with pressure walve with secure locking
  • milled and wattercutted foam for secure storing and transporting whole kit, including pockets for 9 pairs of sharpening stones
  • digital inclinometer durability Ip65 with backlight display for exact sharpening angle adjusting
  • extra pair longer leading rods for long knives
  • tool for leading rods change, allen key for bolts
  • clamp for table desk clamping

Used materials:

main material dural ENAW 7075 T651
surface hard black anodizing
lead screw stainless
leading rods, screws, pins stainless
box bolts black steel
leading rods bushing bronze
leading screw bushing bronze
angle nuts bronze

Sharpening system KMFS RIVAL MOA21 including:

  • knife clamp MOA21 vith patented mechanism
  • two sharpening stones holders
  • clamp for clamping system on table desk
  • inclinometer for reading angles
  • extra pair of leading rods for longer knives

Main advantages of KMFS RIVAL MOA21:

  • Complete production on CNC machining centers from solid block of material for maximum rigidity and durability. Casis of MOA21 is integral construction of solid piece 7075 T651 ERGAL. Whole mechanism is secured in this chasis for maximum rigiditty, accuracy and durability.
  • Patented clamping mechanism world-unique construction- only by turning clamping wheel is automaticaly adjusted: clamp on thickness of the blade, fix this position and by double transmitted system using exponencial craft multiplying secure the knife blade.
  • Clamping wheels are milled of solid block ERGAL 7075 T651 for maximum toughtness and accuracy, they are exactly placed on stainless axe.
  • Exact angle adjusting by 3 mm steps on stainless leading screw TR10, with patented option of fine adjusting each side independently and with function of automatic zero in referee position.
  • Connected both sides  angles adjusting system.
  • For knife clampig, any angle adjusting is no need of any extra tools.
  • Thanks to helix move leading nuts on trapezoidal screw, there is elimination of higher edge on the tip of blade.


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